Keep Your Commitments

Do you keep your commitments? When it comes to self-confidence and living in peace with yourself, I encourage you to make it a habit of "Keeping your commitments!" Have you ever received a commitment from someone to show up on time for an appointment, but then neglected to do so? Or, did someone commit to completing a task only to give excuses for why they failed to follow through on their commitment? It's frustrating! Over the years, I can't count the number of people who have made commitments to my staff or to me only to fall short. Truth be told; I'm sure there have been instances where I have failed to keep commitments, but I strive to keep it to a minimum. One sign of someone who has se

The Golden Rule of Self-Confidence

High self-confidence is vital for getting what you want in life. Recently, I spoke at one of the top-performing Lexus dealerships in the United States. I’ve been speaking monthly at this dealership for over two years with amazing results! Last Saturday, I spoke to the group about cultivating "self-confidence." We covered a lot of insights, and after the training, I went outside and recorded the simple, yet powerful truth: the “Golden Rule of Self-Confidence.” Watch this short video and begin taking action now! What dreams are you going after? What obstacles are you facing? How are you going to defy the odds? I will have a second video coming soon :-) Remember: You are Unstoppable! Unleash yo

How To Be A Better Leader

Want to be a better leader? Want to have more influence? Want to be respected more? As both a parent and business consultant helping organizations change and thrive over the past 18 years, I have learned one basic yet powerful principle. It happened one day, several years ago, as I was visiting with my oldest child in what I call a "father/child interview" [or "mother/child interview."] You can watch as I share my experience in the following video, or you can read the transcript below. [Video Transcript] For years, I've conducted these interviews with each of my children. I regularly visit with each of my children one on one and have a heart-to-heart talk. We go to a separate room from the r

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