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If You Think You Can!
Thirteen Laws that Govern the Performance of High Achievers



Most people set out unequipped to achieve success. Just as there are laws that govern nature, there are also laws that govern performance and achievement. Unfortunately, people are either not aware of them or simply do not apply them. As a result, many people chase after goals and find that the results they desire constantly elude them.


By changing your ‘mindset’ and applying 13 time-tested laws, TJ shows you what habits and steps must be taken to achieve any goal you set. Neglect any one of these ‘laws’ and your desired results will be hindered.

"If You Think You Can! book by TJ Hoisington
TJ Hoisington Writes Book in Backseat of Car
TJ Hoisington Signs 500 Books
in 60 Seconds
Les Brown Endorses TJ Hoisington
Bestselling Book
"The Secret of the Slight Edge" book by TJ Hoisington and Bob Moawad
The Secret of the Slight Edge
How to Get Out of Your Own Way


What is the small difference that makes all the difference? What is the difference between high achievers and low achievers? What are the secrets that guarantee a happy and successful life? Many people have asked these questions and others like them for years. Finally, after helping millions of people unleash their potential Bob Moawad and bestselling author TJ Hoisington have teamed up to answer these questions. 

The Secret of the Slight Edge offers powerful principles and inspirational stories to help people overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. You will learn that your thoughts play a central role in what you achieve and that having the ‘right attitude’ is everything. You will also discover what drives motivation, what’s the role of talent (and is it overrated?), how to increase your self-esteem, and more. Making a slight change in your daily thoughts and actions is the first step to getting you out of your own way!

"If You Think You Can! for Teens" book
If You Think You Can! for TEENS
Thirteen Laws for Creating the Life of Your Dreams


Based on the bestselling book, “If You Think You Can!”, TJ Hoisington gears his message to teenagers. “If You Think You Can! for TEENS” invites the reader to believe in themselves, make good decisions and work hard. TJ shows how applying 13 specific laws will guarantee success regardless of age. Though rich and moving stories, TJ teaches teenagers how to turn goals and dreams into reality.


“TJ has written another powerful book. This is one of the best books I’ve ever read. It is well written and full of great stories that will inspire any teenager. TJ makes the principles easy to understand – an excellent read!”


"Return to Robinson Island" book. Swiss Family Robinson sequel by TJ Hoisington
Return to Robinson Island

Inspired by the Swiss Family Robinson book written in 1812 by Johann David Wyss, Return to Robinson Island is a continuation of the adventures of the Swiss Family Robinson fifteen years after their famous shipwreck.

Return to Robinson Island is an entertaining adventure story that has a thread of romance weaved throughout. It takes place fifteen years after the Robinson Family’s famous shipwreck on a remote island in the East Indies. The story highlights Ernest Robinson, who is now twenty-seven years old, engaged to be married, and is a 1st Lieutenant in the British Royal Navy. Ernest has distinguished himself as a fearless fighter, respected leader, God-fearing, and loyal friend. However, his loyalty is tested when his commanding officer, Captain Charlie, is court-martialed on war crimes and Ernest has no choice but to tell the truth – even if his testimony sends his former Captain to prison.

When reports reach England that a vast treasure trove has been found on Robinson Island, Ernest and his family find themselves in mortal danger when Captain Charlie vows to retrieve the treasure for himself and wreak revenge on the entire Robinson family.

Will the Robinson Family survive the attack? Will Ernest ever see his fiancée again? One thing is certain; they won’t give up the island – or their lives – without a fight!

The Swiss Family Robinson Secret Discovery
Zoe and Katie weren’t looking for adventure when they discovered the magic tree in the woods behind their house. When stones on the ground began to glow, they embarked on a remarkable journey. A world unlike anything they could have imagined awaited them on the other side of the tree door. Stepping back two hundred years into the past, it was the last thing the girls expected. Would they be able to return home, and if they did, would anyone believe them?

Join the fun as two worlds collide when the Hoisington family travels back through time to meet the Swiss Family Robinson in their paradisiacal island home. Rediscover the Robinsons’ remarkable tree house, the beautiful island beaches, and the blue lagoon. Witness firsthand the bond that forms between the two families as they fight to save Robinson Island—and the hidden treasure—from Captain Charlie and his evil men.

Swiss Family Robinson Secret Discovery is a reimagined Swiss Family Robinson adventure written by TJ Hoisington and his daughter Kyla and inspired by the novel Return to Robinson Island by TJ Hoisington.


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