What ADVICE Would Swiss Family Robinson Give On the COVID-19 Pandemic?

In the early 1800s, the Robinsons, who left Switzerland to escape the bondage of government, found themselves shipwrecked in the middle of the Indian Ocean. They eventually found refuge on a remote island, isolated from the known world. Much like the COVID-19 pandemic, the initial change created uncertainty and fear. "How would we survive? There are so many unknowns. What would the future hold?" they thought. They survived, even prospered, by learning to use the resources available to them. They used common sense, ingenuity, and faith in God. We have the same opportunity today. As I sit in my bungalow isolated from my known external world, in a place where I wrote the novel "Return to Robins

7 Steps to Get Anything You Want

This is an audio clip from 20 years ago taken from my program titled "The Power to Shape Your Life." In this clip, I share seven steps to get anything you want. The principles are still true today! To learn more about high-performance principles, SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel and also my podcast on iTunes: https://apple.co/2VhyRLJ

Quantum Leap Secrets for Achieving Your Goals

Early in my career, I read a short book titled "You²," by Price Pritchett. It was a short book on the art of getting results through quantum leaps. The principles are still true today! In this video, I dive into the book and share many of the core principles contained therein. Powerful concepts and principles! Toward the end of the video, I also share an experience I had with leadership expert Ken Blanchard, which led to him being one of the first guests on my "Unleash Your Greatness Within" podcast.

Miracles Come When You Follow Your Impressions

Years ago, my oldest son, Bryce, placed third in the Washington State Championships during his sophomore year of high school and was slated to win first or second in his junior year season. Unfortunately, he BROKE HIS ANKLE three weeks into the wrestling season. Was he able to make it to state? Watch the video and find out! During this time, I had a strong gut feeling… Follow your intuition! Follow your impressions! Last thing, I don't consider THIS experience to be a "miracle," but that miracles can come in your life when you listen and follow that still small voice. Story share on my “Unleash Your Greatness Within” podcast when interviewing author Valarie Gangas @valeriegangas

How to THINK LIKE A WINNER During Hard Times

Anytime you go through a hard time in any form, how you communicate internally is vitally important. Your perceptions have a huge effect on your mental health, happiness, your performance, and effectiveness. Looking beyond this moment, having faith that the future will turn out good is what allows people to wade through challenging times with ease - and even a cheerful heart. Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs both had a winner's mindset. Master the art of interpretation.

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