The Untold Story of the Germ Theory

Do you know the beginning of antiseptic procedures - even before the "germ theory" was established by Louis Pasteur? Here is a quick thought about the importance of washing your hands and spreading germs discovered by Hungarian, Ignaz Semmelweis. Given the coronavirus or any virus for that matter, germs are powerful. As a result of the death of a good friend and colleague in 1847, Ignaz Semmelweis discovered the possibility of "particles," which would later be called "germs." Stay healthy and wash your hands.

Is President Trump Too OPTIMISTIC or Not Enough?

During coronavirus confinement, as I've been watching the news, it seems quite negative. No surprise, right? Many news outlets are condemning President Trump for being too optimistic regarding bringing the coronavirus pandemic to a close. Is it possible to be too optimistic? Absolutely! But there is also a liability being too pessimistic or "real. "In this video, I show you scientifically the balance between optimism and your ability to analyze pitfalls. There is a way to measure these attributes and behavior. Contact us if you're interested in high-level performance coaching!

9 Strategies for Making the Best of Coronavirus Quarantine

Much of the world has been ordered to quarantine themselves inside their homes. The news is reporting 1.5 Billion people worldwide are confined in their homes. This scenario poses many concerns and difficulties - both physically and emotionally. In this video, I share 9 Strategies for Making the BEST of Coronavirus Quarantine or ANY period of isolation. These 9 Strategies will help you THRIVE during confinement. Unleash Your Greatness Within!

Prevent Yourself From Hitting Rock Bottom

Have you ever hit rock bottom? I was recently asked this question. Well, if you have, you know it doesn’t feel good at the moment. I’ve been there. The key to living happy and fulfilled is when you’re in the dark moment, don’t live there. Keep moving. Have hope for a better future and discipline to keep taking action. If you don’t give up on your goals, your goals won’t give up on you. Unleash your greatness within!

Disrupt Your Thinking...and Create Your Future Now with Jeremy Gutsche

Are you really? In today's Success Interview, I was privileged to interview the New York Times bestselling author and futurist, Jeremy Gutsche. In this interview, we talk about mindset, recognizing future trends, and being adaptable. We also talk about how to embrace change and create your dream life. Listen as Jeremy shares how you can create your future now! Listen to the 'Unleash Your Greatness Within' podcast.

How to Respond to the Coronavirus

Turn on the news or the media, and you will witness some exaggerated reactions regarding COVID-19 or the Coronavirus. That's not to say that the Coronavirus isn't a serious issue, It Is. But keep in mind that some media outlets are participating in driving the FEAR (possibly for ratings) rather than helping the public managed the crisis effectively. There's a lot of hype, pandering, and biased political decision-making. If you didn't know better, you would think the world is coming to an end. My suggestion is that we take the Coronavirus seriously and do all that we can to limit the spread of the virus and protect our own health. I suggest that you RESPOND calmly and responsibly, rather OVER

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