Organizations work with us because we provide several reliable options for increasing results. Here are a few examples of organizations who partnered with us.


Organizations work with us because we provide several reliable options for increasing results. Below are a few examples of organizations who partnered with us.



England Logistics desires to become the premier Logistics company in the United States. Their goal is to set a standard of excellence for all other Logistics companies.

England Logistics is a high performing organization with a great training staff in place. However, they reached out to us to provide additional comprehensive training and strategies that would make transformational changes in a short period of time. England Logistics partnered with HLI to help create a "customer service driven culture."


Listen and Discover: We came on site to do a hands-on assessment. We listened and even interviewed over 30 employees. We requested existing training and transparency at all levels from leadership to frontline employees. Additionally, we reached out to current and past customers.

Create a Plan: In partnership with England Logistics, we strategically put a plan together that would ensure results. We took into account the culture, values, desires of the leadership, past successes and failures, and much more.

Execute Plan: Over the next several months we spent time training all 500 employees. We also suggested processes the strategies that institutionalized the change.

Deliver Results: Consequently, the strategy and execution were immediately embraced and we were informed that their customer service and results had improved.

Celebrate Wins: Throughout the process, we were informed of the many wins. We remain in touch with the client always eager to provide additional support where needed. Their results in the logistics industry have skyrocketed.

Here's what Jason Beardall, president of England Logistics, had this to say:

"We engaged TJ Hoisington to spend time within all divisions of our company assessing the current condition of customer service and its role within our culture. Then to develop training specific to the areas of desired improvement as determined together by TJ and our leadership team. TJ than led the charge on delivering the training to our ENTIRE company staff, from frontline to Executive Leadership. TJ hit the mark in approach from the very beginning. His approach was warm and engaging, assisting in ensuring that defensive walls were unnecessary as he interviewed, inspected and observed throughout his assessment. His communication was strong as he worked to ensure alignment with executive leadership in the development of the training, prior to delivery. And his actual training was fun, engaging, thorough, relatable and on point. As we surveyed our team our team members following the training, the feedback was consistently positive in all regards. TJ is a great individual that genuinely cares about the people he comes to serve. His effort and execution demonstrate as much in all aspects.

In addition to our employee staff initiative that we’d contracted TJ for, we also brought him out to our Annual Agent Conference to speak on customer service. He utilized the assessment of the house business in helping him to prepare the message for our agent team. He did a first-class job in tweaking the delivery to an audience of business owners. He knocked it out of the park at our Agent Conference! Our agents not only enjoyed and loved the time spent with TJ but found enormous value in how they can better grow their own business."

We are always deeply thankful for the privilege it is to serve organizations, working as a partner to achieve results.

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