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TJ Hoisington’s messages inspire individuals and organizations to unleash their greatness within. His message has brought over 1,000 invitations to speak around the world with Rave Reviews!

Motivational Speaking

We are committed to helping you get RESULTS. Yes–real results. Through tailored keynotes, we are dedicated to discovering your organization's goals and inspiring your team to embrace them with confidence.

TJ’s high-energy and engaging speaking style has brought invitations to speak in front of audiences around the world including, United States of America, Malaysia, Budapest, Germany, Taiwan, Canada, and Malaysia. Whether he speaks to audiences of 25 executives or 15,000 business owners, his objective is the same: inspire people to unleash their greatness within.

TJ’s keynote presentations are customized to address the needs and desires of your organization. For more information Contact Us.

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Speaking Topics


Drawing from his bestselling book, "If You Think You Can! Thirteen Laws that Govern the Performance of High Achievers," author TJ Hoisington helps audiences understand that they have a vast potential to achieve great things! However, this potential often goes untapped. TJ shows that the right 'mindset' is needed to achieve any goal despite obstacles and challenges one might face. TJ encourages his audiences to be solution focused, rather than obstacle focused and to believe in possibilities.

In this inspirational speech, TJ shares five proven "laws" (or steps) that, if applied, will lead to the achievement of personal and organizational goals. When these proven principles are embraced, individuals will be equipped with the knowledge and motivation that will increase personal effectiveness.



One thing you can depend on – is change. We live in a time of rapid and rampant change. Organizations are affected by change, and its impact comes in many forms: deregulations, mergers, acquisitions, cost cutting, technology advances, downsizing, etc. These changes affect people in a variety of ways – often limiting performance.

The key to future success and satisfaction is learning to embrace change rather than resist it. This ability to “respond” to change rather than “react” exists within all people. The potential to increase one's resilience exists to all, unfortunately, either people WON’T change, or they don’t know HOW to change. TJ Hoisington will methodically teach the audience "How" to move toward change and what prevents people from changing – starting with making a mindset shift.



This keynote inspires audiences to take personal responsibility for their successes and failures. TJ teaches that 'attitude is everything' and that 'attitudes are contagious'. Each person's attitude has the power to determine the broader organizational environment and performance. In this speech, TJ shares how attitudes are formed, how they can be changed, and how they impact the bottom-line. TJ is both humorous and thought-provoking while showing how attitudes affect overall happiness and achievement.

In sales, mindset matters. A high-performance 'mindset' is the number one factor that drives sales success. "Maximizing Sales Performance" is specific sales skill training combined with two decades of mindset and performance research - it is designed to help you and your team dominate in sales. (This can also be a half-day event.)


Leadership plays a crucial role in the overall success and culture of an organization. TJ Hoisington teaches the Eight Core Habits of successful leaders. TJ emphasizes that the Eight Habits must be consistently applied for short-term and long-term success of any team or organization. This speech is appropriate for executive leaders, managerial, and supervisory positions. TJ gives examples of successful leaders who have created thriving cultures and also examines the patterns of ineffective leaders.

'Customer service' is vital for long-term success. One thing that separates high-performing from low-performing organizations is the ability to create positive and memorable customer experiences. Your greatest customers are repeat customers. The interaction between employees and customers is vital for sustained growth.

In this keynote, TJ Hoisington will go beyond 'why' a customer-driven culture is important, to providing specific strategies that can help your audience immediately create a culture shift!

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