DISRUPT YOURSELF 10X | Whitney Johnson

In today's "Success Interview," I was privileged to interview Whitney Johnson (@johnsonwhitney), the bestselling author of "Disrupt Yourself." Whitney has been named one of the WORLDS TOP 50 Business Thinkers, and she delivers in this interview! Not only does she dive deep into the S-Curve Framework for reaching higher levels of performance, but we also discuss deeply enriching subjects that are certain to MOVE you. Whitney is an award-winning author and popular contributor to the Harvard Business Review. With over 1.7 million followers on LinkedIn, her ideas are thought-provoking and actionable.

Mark Wahlberg on Discipline and Focus!

While reading an article about Mark Wahlberg @markwahlberg in this month's issue of @Entrepreneur magazine, it conjured up many thoughts about High-Achievement, so I did a quick video to share my thoughts. The power of Discipline and Focus. Make your dreams come true! CLICK this LINK to my podcast and SUBSCRIBE: https://apple.co/3aqPeMQ The, "Unleash Your Greatness Within" podcast. The podcast is focused on helping you achieve your goals and dreams - and as an additional bonus, I interview thought-leaders, celebrities, best-selling authors, entrepreneurs. Subscribe today!

Why Should Leaders Create Inclusive Cultures? with Jennifer Brown

In today's "Success Interview," I was privileged to interview Inclusion and Diversity expert, Jennifer Brown. Jennifer Brown is the author of the leadership book, titled: "How to Be An Inclusive Leader." The interview is thought-provoking, informational, and inspirational. Jennifer and I talked frankly and respectfully about gender and sexual orientation, respect, kindness for all people, and how leaders can create Inclusive cultures where EVERYONE THRIVES!

Creating a Success Mindset with Ryan Gottfredson

In today's "Success Interview, "I was privileged to interview the author of "Success Mindsets," Ryan Gottfredson. Insightful interview on the way we perceive our world not only affects our happiness but has a direct impact on what we achieve and what makes us effective. Listen as we discuss the different types of mindsets and determine what your "mindset' might be. In the end, you'll discover tools to begin changing your mindset for the better.

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