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TJ Hoisington speaking to small group leadership training

Leadership Academy

TJ Hoisington Leadership Academy Training

The Leadership Academy is a  six-month customized, comprehensive program designed to provide tools for more effective leadership that builds high-performance leaders, employees, and cultures. 


The Leadership Academy is designed to pull in and interact with a broad range of managers and leaders throughout the organization as a "cross-functional" group. Whether you have mid-level managers that need development, supervisors who need to be prepared for higher management, or executives who would benefit from sharpening their leadership skills, the Leadership Academy is a robust and immersive process.


Leadership Academy groups are anywhere between 15 and 30 participants. When an organization launches the Leadership Academy, there are two ways of choosing participants:


First, a C-Suite executive sends an invitation to employees (entire organization or select groups), inviting anyone who wants to make a positive difference to change and improve the organization. If potential attendee desires to participate in the Leadership Academy, they will be required to apply. Applications will require the employee to provide an essay explaining why they would be a good fit. At this point, the appropriate executive and TJ Hoisington will comb through all applicants and decide on the best fit.


The second way is for executives to pre-determine high potential employees who would be a good fit given work history, current position, tenure, attitude, etc.


Once the Leadership Academy group is formed, a date to begin the Leadership Academy is announced to all participants. 


Here is what the six-month Leadership Academy looks like:


Each month has a four-hour live group meeting as well as private coaching calls with TJ Hoisington. The monthly 4-hour session involves a workbook, learning leadership principles, group discussion, speaking, teamwork, and activities.


Month #1: Introduction of leadership principles. What is management vs. what is leadership? Homework is given. Private coaching call with TJ Hoisington or GW Coach.


Month #2: Leadership involves personal development, starting with self-awareness. Strengths and weaknesses. Each participant takes the Harrison Assessment. The Harrison Assessment is a comprehensive tool that measures 175 human traits and how these traits shape behavior and performance. The Harrison Assessment also highlights areas that might cause friction and resistance in relationships and team building. Private coaching call with TJ Hoisington or GW Coach.


Month #3: Goalsetting and Plans of Action and A3. This month, the Leadership Academy group is divided into multiple "cross-functional teams" that will begin working together to research and develop a comprehensive plan to improve an existing process or desired outcome related to the company's needs. Each group will be given a focus, called a Capstone Project, where each "cross-functional" team will work together over the next three months to design plans and proposed solutions. How the Capstone projects are chosen is either provided by executives, or a brainstorming session can take place during the Leadership Academy. Private coaching call with TJ Hoisington or GW Coach.


Month #4: Effective leadership involves effective communication, feedback, teamwork, and relationships. The group will learn how to speak and present like a professional during this session. Participants will be given the assignment of giving a 3-5 minute presentation to the group on a provided subject. Presentations will be given during Month #5. Private coaching call with TJ Hoisington or GW Coach.


Month #5: Productivity, reduce waste, Lean management principles. Also, 3-5 minute presentations will be given. The "Cross-functional" team will be given time to meet as a group to discuss the respective Capstone projects. Private coaching call with TJ Hoisington or GW Coach.


Month #6: "Cross-functional" teams will present their Capstone Project findings. The remaining time will cover past and additional leadership principles. How can participants be an ambassador of change and positive leadership within the organization going forward?


Following Month #6 and during the proceeding months, action should be taken to act on and improve each Capstone focus.


OPTIONAL: One year later: Leadership Academy follow-up with TJ Hoisington


We can provide more detailed information on what is covered in each monthly session upon request.

Note: One-Day and Full-Day Leadership Academy can be arranged.

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