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Praise for TJ Hoisington

Client Testimonials

TJ Hoisington has provided speaking, training, or consulting to the following organizations:

Nu Skin

USA Truck
Ramada Inn
Alaska Marine Lines
Re/Max Realtors
LegalShield, Inc.
Protection One Security Systems
Land Rover

England Logistics
Mary Kay

JR Hayes
US Air Force
US Navy
US Army
Seattle Best Coffee Co.
Coldwell Banker
Office of the Surgeon General
Hilton Hotels
Primerica American Express
Bally's Total Fitness

Ford Motor Company
Merrill Lynch
Valco Graphics
and more...

audience sitting
audience writing

Participant Feedback from TJ's Workshops:
*Below are actual comments.


"Great! Always good to get a jump start for tired batteries.”

“Excellent! Bring back for additional sessions!”

“Excellent. I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity during Journey Conference.”

“This would be a great instrument for all of 
AFMC annually/biannually.”

“Outstanding Presentation!”

“Excellent presentation. TJ gets the point across and makes the principles internalize effectively. This presentation presents valuable skills, knowledge, and understanding.”


“I thought the approach of including the personal part of yourself was great. TJ spoke to the person as a whole. Great ideas and plenty of inspiration to act on.”

“Outstanding presentation! Thank you for presenting me w/ a road map to understanding and achieving my goals.”

“Awesome Session!!! We should consider this session be brought here more often.”

“Outstanding! I learned a lot and I can't wait to apply it!”

“Absolutely the best training I have had in my 5 yrs in the Air Force. It's life changing and inspirational. Should be implemented on ALL level. It will do far more than the anything to improve the Air Force and its people.”

“TJ gave 
an inspiring and empowering presentation which drives me to strive for more and tap into my potential.”

“This session was fantastic and gave me the seeds for many great action plans.”

“Best session out of the 3 days.”

“Good for fresh perspective/battery re-charge. Would highly recommend to others.”

“Awesome speaker!”

“FANTASTIC! This reaffirmed a lot of things I heard before but definitely created a picture of success in my mind. Thank you.”

“Great attitude! Enthusiastic and passionate! Didn't think I'd get much after initial hour. I was wrong!”

“Excellent course on leadership! I did not realize that some of the qualities discussed I had. It is just a question of putting them into practice. This really helped in understanding what I need to do now to achieve our results I am looking for.”

“Excellent information was provided that will be useful in many ways.”

“These concepts can be the basis for success at Hanscom, Air Force Base. The people can achieve what they desire.”

“Great speaker and 
excellent motivator.”

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