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The Mindset of a Billionaire with John Assaraf

Transcript: John Assaraf:

But if you sit back for just a moment and you think about where do you want to be 18 months from now and you come up with the plan, the process and the environment to thrive instead of survive, you will achieve more success in the next six to 18 months than you probably would have in a 10 year period of time.

TJ Hoisington:

Hey there, welcome to the Unleash Your Greatness Within Podcast. I'm TJ Hoisington and in today's success interview I was privileged to interview the New York Times bestselling author and high achiever, John Assaraf. John has an amazing story. Not only is he a New York Times bestselling author, but he has built multimillion-dollar companies and he's helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve greater levels of success by changing their thinking, by upgrading their mindset.

TJ Hoisington:

He was featured in eight different movies. One of those was the blockbuster film called The Secret and his story is just amazing. And in this interview, he goes deep into that story and into his background. And boy, does he share some cool strategies and tactics and so forth that you can apply right now to achieve greater levels of success. It was a great privilege to have him on the show. Now if you're watching this on my YouTube channel, then I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel and make sure that you click that notification bell so that you're the first to be notified when I come out with a new success interview or motivational message.

TJ Hoisington:

John, welcome to the Unleash Your Greatness Within Podcast.

John Assaraf: