What is Your Quitting Set Point?

I wrote in “If You Think You Can!”: The unfortunate thing about “giving up” is that, after you give up once, it becomes easier to do it a second time. This can lead to a third time, and before you know it, you have made it a habit. Vince Lombardi, speaking in the locker room to one of his players, said, “If you quit now, during these workouts, you’ll quit in the middle of the season in the game. Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit. We don’t want anyone who will quit. We want 100% out of each individual, and if you don’t want to give it, get out. Just get up and get out right now.” You don’t want it to be said of you that you were a quitter… If you are not careful, quitting can become

Speaking to My Imaginary Audience

Are there areas in your life or performance, where you know you probably should improve? I’m sure there are. In this video, I share a strategy I employed early on to become a better speaker long before I was ever paid to speak professionally. What was it? I spoke to an imaginary audience! I’m not talking about speaking in my bedroom or in front of the mirror. I mean, twenty years ago, I would walk down to the Crystal City Marriott Hotel outside of Washington DC and at midnight I would speak to my imaginary audience. (Watch the video of me telling the story) My thought was, if I’m ever going to speak professionally, I probably better hone my craft and master my skill. So, three times a week,

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