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Are You Fed, Nourished, or Starving?

Are you starving podcast with TJ Hoisington


Recently I learned that 40% of the food in the grocery store has no nutritional value. As I was pondering about that, a couple of other thoughts went through my mind: remember who you are.

Are you fed, nourished, or starving?

I hope that you are nourished. You know, as I speak around the country and the world, and I meet people of all types, and they're wonderful. Everywhere I go, there are great people. I will often start my presentation with this story:

Several years ago in Utah, a heavy snowstorm came into Utah. The climatologists knew that the temperatures would drop and it would drive the deer down out of the mountains from the higher elevation to the lower elevation.

The problem was, the professionals opined that as the deer would come down out of the Wasatch mountains hey would run into fences and the deer would get stuck with nowhere to go and freeze to death. Wildlife officials in the state were concerned and wanted to protect the deer as much as possible. They knew they couldn't take down all the fences. So they decided to hay down along the fence. This would give the deer something to eat and lay on to weather out the storm.

Following the storm, a few days later, the wildlife officials went to check on the deer. To their surprise, there were many deer along that fence line that had passed away. They were concerned. They did an autopsy on the deer, and they discovered that their stomachs were full of hay – yet that they had starved to death. In other words, they had been fed, but they hadn't been nourished.

I often share this story to illustrate my goal of sharing more than mere "information" with my audiences. Rather I would nourish them in a meaningful way. To ignite the soul. To nourish the soul and ignite a spark that empowers people to live their dreams. It is my hope they will be empowered to start achieving their goals. To start becoming the better person, they're capable of becoming.

When this happens, people will be more willing to forgive others for wrongdoings and forgive themselves. They begin to look at the world a little differently. I have found that the greatest 'aha' that people experience doesn't require people to jump up and down or sing kumbaya. When people hear the truth, they move people from the inside out. Aha moments in the thought of pondering that can take your life from where it is to where it can ultimately be. When you awaken the giant within. When you awaken that potential that's within you, by realizing who you REALLY are, that you are a person of worth, that you have greatness within you – then will you be able to shine.

So my question for you today in this short podcast, is, what are you filling your mind with on a regular basis? What are you listening to? What are you paying attention to? What are you watching? Is it uplifting? Is it peaceful? Is it wholesome? Is it meaningful? Is it useful? Is it practical? Is it inspiring? Does it lead you to want to do more good or remain same?

There is a lot of noise in the world. There's a lot of distractions. There are a lot of voices. The question is, which voice do you listen to? Hopefully, you're focused and intentional on letting the good in. Because when good goes in, that's what comes out as well. "Garbage in, garbage out," as the old saying goes.

So where do you go for peace? Where is your Mecca? Where is your personal holy land? What is your foundation? What do you truly believe? What do you truly value? Are you staying in alignment with those values? As you set goals, do you balance them against principles of integrity that you live by? This, I believe, is a major source by which happiness and fulfillment are achieved.

I worry, though, as I travel around and meet and speak to people. I find that many people are focused on the wrong things – the negative. My hope for you is that you take the time to ponder. To think. Again, what are you regularly feeding your mind and your heart? Eating good food is one thing, but your thoughts, information, wisdom, is more powerful than the food you can eat. Fill your mind with power is my hope for you.

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About TJ Hoisington:

TJ Hoisington is the bestselling author of “If You Think You Can!” and “The Secret of the Slight Edge.” He has authored other books and training programs on peak performance, personal development, and leadership. As a motivation speaker and organizational performance expert, TJ Hoisington has been invited speak to audiences of 10 executives or 15,000 people. TJ's mission is to provide inspiration and tools that empower people and organizations achieve their goals by unleashing the greatness within. TJ Hoisington is the co-founder of Dunn Hoisington Leadership International.


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