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Writing a Bestselling Book in the Backseat of my Car

Do you have dreams that are still waiting to be unleashed? Are there dreams buried within your mind and heart that are longing to be rekindled? What changes are you willing to make to achieve your goals and dreams? What price will you pay? What opportunities will you "create?" How will you defy the limits?

Life isn't easy. Success is often a struggle, but those who get ahead keep trying until they achieve the results they seek. The stars will align one day, and youíll look back and wonder what happened. How did I get here? What was the breakthrough that changed everything?

Those questions have led me to share a little bit of my life story with the hope that it inspires you never to give up.

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When I was fifteen years old, I landed on the idea that I would become a motivational speaker and later an author. At some point during the next few years, I came across a tape titled "Unlimited Power" by Tony Robbins. Tony talked about cutting your time in half, creating momentum, and increasing your performance by "modeling others.&q