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Finding Happiness: “Things Are Soulless”

One evening, I was sitting in a meeting with several hundred people in attendance. As I listened to the speakers and heard their stories, I was touched. Thoughts of “Things that Matter” started to flood my mind. After the meeting, as I was driving home, I decided to quickly stop by the studio and record what was on my mind. The message in this video has to do with HAPPINESS. Where does happiness come from? What will bring you more happiness and peace? All too often we seek after superficial things as the source of happiness - but it’s an illusion.

People chase after the things of this world only to find that they are living empty lives. Ultimately, people want to be happy, but often they are looking in the wrong places. Below are a few “truths” I share in this video:

“Things Are Soulless”

  • Anchor yourself to higher values

  • As you chase your dreams, don’t lose sight of what is most important

  • Be humble

  • Be quick to forgive and forget

  • Love and serve people

  • Say, “I love you!“ more often

  • Be HAPPY!


About TJ Hoisington:

TJ Hoisington is the bestselling author of “If You Think You Can!” and “The Secret of the Slight Edge.” He has authored other books and training programs on peak performance, personal development, and leadership. As a motivation speaker and organizational performance expert, TJ Hoisington has been invited speak to audiences of 10 executives or 15,000 people. TJ's mission is to provide inspiration and tools that empower people and organizations achieve their goals by unleashing the greatness within. TJ Hoisington is the co-founder of Dunn Hoisington Leadership International.


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