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Eliminate the Ugliest Four-Letter Word

eliminate the word can't - tj hoisington


I have a quick thought for you. Eliminate the “ugliest four-letter word” from your vocabulary. Do you know what the ugliest four-letter-word is? “CAN’T.”

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right.” In my opinion, the only time you should ever use the word “can't” is when you’re singing, “I Can’t Drive 55,” by Sammy Hagar. LOL

Remember that words trigger images, which trigger emotion, which determines your state of mind, which has a direct impact on the quality of your performance, which in turn, has a direct impact on the quality of your results. In other words, what you repeatedly think becomes a self‑fulfilling prophecy.

When you repeat a word or a phrase over and over a belief is formed. Beliefs can be positive or negative, and they become a filter by which you screen your world.

Once you believe something to be “true” you begin filtering your world accordingly. You automatically and often unconsciously find evidence to make that belief true - whether it’s “true” or not.

For example, if you believe you can’t do something, you will find the evidence in your world to confirm you don’t have what it takes to succeed. Likewise, if you believe that you “can” do something, you will equally find the evidence in your world that will lead you to the attainment of that goal or that dream, or whatever you value.

That’s how your destiny is shaped. It’s a simple truth. Your internal thinking shapes your external reality. So be very careful what words you use and phrases you use repeatedly. Take an inventory and determine whether your words or beliefs are leading you closer to your goals and your dreams or not. If not, then eliminate and replace them with something better.


About TJ Hoisington:

TJ Hoisington is the bestselling author of “If You Think You Can!” and “The Secret of the Slight Edge.” He has authored other books and training programs on peak performance, personal development, and leadership. As a motivation speaker and organizational performance expert, TJ Hoisington has been invited speak to audiences of 10 executives or 15,000 people. TJ's mission is to provide inspiration and tools that empower people and organizations achieve their goals by unleashing the greatness within. TJ Hoisington is the co-founder of Dunn Hoisington Leadership International.

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