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“We brought Mr. Hoisington into our organization over a two year period to train all 300 of our employees... Over 85% of the completed surveys marked TJ's presentation as 'EXCELLENT..."

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TJ Hoisington speaks to audiences of 10 to 15,000 with Raving Reviews! At the core TJ’s mission is to help individuals and organizations “unleash their greatness within!” Whether an executive leader, manager, salesperson, or frontline employee, TJ Hoisington motivates audiences to engage in leadership, align with vision, embrace change, and achieve results.

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TJ Hoisington’s tailored messages will illuminate the mind and touch the heart. His inspirational messages have brought invitations to speak around the world that move audiences to take action with ‘RAVING REVIEWS’.

TJ Hoisington - Organizational Behavior and Human Performance, Motivational Speaker, Leadership

Our partnership with you has one overriding commitment – help you and your organization unleash your greatness within. In other words, we will help you transform your culture, strengthen your leaders and empower your people. Through our customized processes, you can be confident that culture, performance, attitudes, and leadership will improve.

Our two most powerful resources are: Maximizing Human Performance - Core Drivers to Increase Personal and Professional Effectiveness and The Campfire Effect™ - Timeless Secrets for Aligning People, Story and Brand. Designed for all levels of the organization – from frontline employees to leadership – these processes have proven results of increasing organizational effectiveness.