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TJ Hoisington speaking in small group


We provide enhanced corporate training and development solutions that strengthen cultures, teams, and individuals. Our programs are used to increase performance and productivity throughout all levels of the organization.

There are several reasons why organizations seek to provide our training to their staff:

  • Embrace Change

  • Increase sales

  • Clarify the organizations, vision, values, and goals

  • Create a culture of high performance and engagement

  • Increase customer service

  • Set goals and achieve goals

  • Build stronger teams

  • Provide strategies and solutions for positively impacting morale while producing results

  • Increase accountability

  • Provide tools for effective leadership


Our goal is to help your organization thrive by providing tools that create change – change for the better. When people embrace change and adopt new habits, performance will improve. Our training is appropriate for all levels of the organization – from frontline workers to management.


We provide half-day, full-day, and two-day training options depending on your organization's goals and objectives.


Below are our most popular programs:

TJ Hoisington maximizing human performance

Maximizing Human Performance

Core Drivers to Increase Personal and Organizational Effectiveness

In this training, which can be spread over a half-day or full-day, TJ Hoisington teaches that improvement of individual performance starts by accepting personal responsibility for results. MHP will teach employees how to better embrace change, adopt better attitudes, increase confidence, and much more!


In addition, MHP discusses principles of motivation and delivers a proven process for setting goals and achieving them. Each attendee will leave the training with action items decided upon and the confidence to achieve them. This program can be geared toward individual and organizational effectiveness. Click here for more details


Delivered in a half-day, full-day event, two-day event, or one-hour keynote.


TJ Hoisington Leadership Academy Training

Leadership Academy


We work alongside leaders and management with a focus on improving performance, culture, and results. With our comprehensive and transformational change strategy and custom Leadership Academy we provide resources that enable teams and organizations to change from the inside out.


Delivered in a one-hour keynote, half-day, or full-day format. For comprehensive training over six months, including private coaching calls for each participant, contact us.

Maximizing the customer service experience workbook cover

Maximizing The Customer Service Experience


Maximizing the Customer Service Experience workshop is designed to provide the tools and interpersonal skills for creating loyal customers. All thriving companies understand the importance of creating exceptional customer experiences and know they directly impact the bottom line.


This workshop provides your employees and teams with proven tools for improving a customer-driven vision, positive attitudes, and performance effectiveness that are vital for short-term and long-term success.

TJ Hoisington Maximizing Sales Performance training
Maximizing Sales Performance
High-Performance Principles and Strategies to
Help You Dominate in Sales

Mindset matters. A high-performance mindset is the number one factor when it comes to sales success.  Maximizing Sales Performance (MSP) is sales training combined with two decades of mindset and performance research – designed to help you and your team dominate in sales.

Maximizing Sales Performance covers many sales principles and strategies 
• How to think like a winner
• Discover steps for building rapport
• How to effectively presenting the product or service
• Understanding the sales process as it relates to buying behaviors

• Adjusting communication styles
• Overcoming objections

• Closing the sale

• Effective follow-up
• Instituting measurements of success
• Planning a dominating schedule


Delivered in a weekly one-hour workshop (determined by location), half-day, full-day event, or one-hour keynote.


Unleash Your Greatness Within seminar
Unleash Your Greatness Within
Resources and Strategies for Creating a Successful and Fulfilling Life

The Unleash your Greatness Within: Resources and Strategies for Creating a Successful and Fulfilling Life seminar aims to empower individuals to tap into their inner potential and create a successful and fulfilling life. Attendees will learn valuable resources and strategies for setting and achieving goals, identifying and overcoming fears, and discovering and breaking limiting beliefs. The seminar also includes a focus on developing self-confidence and expanding personal potential. This seminar is available in both a four-hour workshop format and a full day immersion experience, providing attendees with the flexibility to choose the format that best suits their needs and schedule. This seminar is perfect for anyone looking to improve motivation, personal development, success, and happiness in their life.


Delivered in a half-day, and full-day format.


if you think you can workbook
If You Think You Can!
The ULTIMATE Goal-Setting Workshop

Based on the best-selling book, If You Think You Can! attendees will receive specific tools for achieving goals and maintaining the right attitudes, expectations, and perspectives. During this one-day program you will be provided with the tools that produce consistent and measurable results.


Delivered in a one-hour keynote, half-day, and full-day format.


Client Stories

For six years, TJ helped to develop and implement a high-performance training program for Nu Skin Enterprises designed to increase the performance of 850,000 independent business owners worldwide. The program is titled, "The Success Formula."


TJ was brought in to help Seattle’s Best Coffee at the time of the merge with Starbucks by providing a change management system that would help employees embrace a broad range of impending changes.

For two years he helped Intercity Transit (300+ employees) improve attitudes, customer service and effectiveness. (Read Testimonial)

TJ was directly involved with aligning two different cultures when Alaska Marine Lines (Lyden) acquired Northland leading to deeper employee engagement and embracing shared values, along with improving performance. In 2016, 200+ employees have experienced MHP with raving reviews - with 94% satisfaction at all levels. (Read Testimonial)

TJ helped 1,600 employees and executives at Hill Air Force Base achieve targeted goals and take accountability for performance directly tied to specific measurements and desired outcomes with profound results. (Read Testimonial)

For more detailed information, contact us.

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