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What is Greatness?

What is greatness?

Greatness is striving for the ideal, striving to live one's full potential. It means conquering the odds in pursuit of a greater purpose without giving up. 

No matter past failures, mistakes, misfortunes, or current circumstances, even successes. A champion lives within you waiting to be unleashed.

Greatness does not give into one's fears and doubts, greatness has the courage to face your fears with the expectation of victory. Bravery comes not by shunning your fears, but rather boldly embracing them and having the faith to persevere despite insurmountable barriers.

The natural state is to grow, to develop, to ultimately thrive. True greatness is often realized in one's darkest moment. True greatness does not come with ease, more often than not, it is revealed in the midst of adversity. True greatness is manifested when you choose to face your fears, and you persevere without giving up. Storms make you stronger, so make adversity your friend.

Your potential and intelligence are limitless, your self-worth is priceless. Greatness can be neglected, or it can be nurtured, but at its core, it can never be taken from you. You were born with the seeds of greatness.

Greatness values honor. Honor is demanding the best from yourself. Honor is being true to commitments made with self and others. Honor is striving to live with integrity, regardless of temptations, misfortune, or success.


Greatness seeks to serve, true greatness is revealed when you reach out to strengthen others. Lifting others is the mark of a real champion.


The greatest battles you will ever face will be within yourself. Greatness is the pursuit of self mastery, know thy self.


Greatness is your noble birthright. It will never be handed to you without paying a price, you must claim it boldly. Unleashing one's greatness, yes, is a choice. It's your choice. May you live with passion. Live with confidence. Live with humility. Live to become all that you're capable of becoming. Live with compassion. Live with honor. Serve and lift others. This is how you claim your noble birthright, this is greatness! 


Follow your heart. Never give up. Live free!

Go forth and Unleash Your Greatness Within. 

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