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Discover the LAWS that lead to SUCCESS!

Most people set out unequipped to achieve success. Just as there are laws that govern nature, there are also laws that govern performance and achievement. Unfortunately, people are either not aware of them or simply do not apply them. As a result, many people chase after goals and find that the results they desire constantly elude them.

By changing your ‘mindset’ and applying 13 time-tested ‘laws’, TJ Hoisington shows you what habits and steps must be taken to achieve any goal you set. Neglect any one of these ‘laws’ and your desired results will be hindered.

If You Think You Can! (Paperback)

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  • “TJ Hoisington clearly understands the power of positive thinking. Even long-time high achievers will get a performance boost from these 13 universal principles. This book makes the perfect gift—for yourself or others.”

    – Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do


    "TJ has done a great job capturing what it takes to be a high achiever. If You Think You Can! is full of insights, inspirational stories and useful information on how to succeed. Your success in any area of life will be guaranteed when you apply these 13 laws to everything you do."

    – Brian Tracy, author of Getting Rich Your Own Way


    "The magic of TJ Hoisington's message is that it's both timeless and ageless. Everyone can appreciate the wisdom of being your best and TJ does a wonderful job of capturing it."

    – Dean Karnazes, The UltraMarathon Man



    "In this book, TJ has masterfully shown the way to achieving success. By following these 13 principles you will learn the art of achievement and bringing what you want out of life from possibility to reality."

    – Hyrum W. Smith Co-Founder, FranklinCovey

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