How to Speak Like a Motivational Speaker

Do you want to become a motivational speaker? Have you ever been asked to give a presentation? Did you feel unprepared or nervous? Did you connect with your audience? Do you want to feel more confident?


With over twenty years of motivational speaking and having given over one thousand keynotes, I have discovered principles that work every time. Using the tips that I share will help you gain confidence quickly. If your goal is to make a living as a speaker, the "How to Speak Like a Pro" training series will provide you with the skills and strategies that will help you earn $10,000 per event. By using these strategies, you will also receive many client testimonials and raving reviews!

The "How to Speak Like a Motivational Speaker" series includes FOUR STEPS (videos)

that will give you everything you need to be a successful motivational speaker!

FIRST: TJ Hoisington shares ideas and strategies around "PREPARATION." What are the first things you should keep in mind as you begin to craft your message? What are your talking points and areas of focus? What result is the client expecting?

SECOND: TJ Hoisington shares ideas and strategies around "STRUCTURE." What is the optimum structure and format for a great presentation? There is a three-step process that can be used over and over - and it works!

THIRD: TJ Hoisington shares ideas and strategies around "PERFORMANCE and DELIVERY." Knowing "how" to speak and maneuver your voice, tone, volume, eye contact, and body language is the key to connecting with your audience. As you apply these natural techniques, you will receive testimonials that say things like: 


 "Recently we invited TJ Hoisington to speak at our all-employee meeting...We received a lot of positive feedback relating to the inspirational and timely message...As a public utility, we have a vast diversity of employees. TJ was able to connect with the audience, inspire them by providing a vision for "becoming the best that you are capable of becoming," and encourage steps to create a "thriving culture." (actual client endorsement.)

FOURTH: TJ Hoisington shares some "FINAL THOUGHTS about becoming a successful motivational speaker and presenter. TJ shares secrets of "How to Win Over Your Audience.". There are some subtle distinctions that will make a big difference in the quality of your presentation and keep the audience engaged.

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"How to Speak Like a Motivational Speaker

About TJ Hoisington:

TJ Hoisington is the bestselling author of "If You Think You Can!" and "The Secret of the Slight Edge." He has authored other books and training programs on peak performance, personal development, the "achievers' mindset," and leadership. TJ's expertise has been shared with many organizations around the world. Whether he speaks to audiences of 10 or 15,000 business his mission is the same: provide inspiration and tools that help people and organizations achieve their goals and unleash their greatness within.


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