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What ADVICE Would Swiss Family Robinson Give On the COVID-19 Pandemic?

In the early 1800s, the Robinsons, who left Switzerland to escape the bondage of government, found themselves shipwrecked in the middle of the Indian Ocean. They eventually found refuge on a remote island, isolated from the known world. Much like the COVID-19 pandemic, the initial change created uncertainty and fear. "How would we survive? There are so many unknowns. What would the future hold?" they thought. They survived, even prospered, by learning to use the resources available to them. They used common sense, ingenuity, and faith in God. We have the same opportunity today.

As I sit in my bungalow isolated from my known external world, in a place where I wrote the novel "Return to Robinson Island," I imagine how nice it would be to remove myself (and my family) from the current chaos and go to Robinson Island. Robinson Island is a paradise few have ever seen - clean, peaceful, and thriving.