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Zoe and Katie weren’t looking for adventure when they discovered the magic tree in the woods behind their house. When stones on the ground began to glow, they embarked on a remarkable journey. A world unlike anything they could have imagined awaited them on the other side of the tree door. Stepping back two hundred years into the past, it was the last thing the girls expected. Would they be able to return home, and if they did, would anyone believe them?

Join the fun as two worlds collide when the Hoisington family travels back through time to meet the Swiss Family Robinson in their paradisiacal island home. Rediscover the Robinsons’ remarkable tree house, the beautiful island beaches, and the blue lagoon. Witness firsthand the bond that forms between the two families as they fight to save Robinson Island—and the hidden treasure—from Captain Charlie and his evil men.

Swiss Family Robinson Secret Discovery is a reimagined Swiss Family Robinson adventure written by TJ Hoisington and his daughter Kyla and inspired by the novel Return to Robinson Island by TJ Hoisington.

Swiss Family Robinson Secret Discovery

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  • "I love adventure! Growing up, Swiss Family Robinson was our absolute favorite movie to watch as a family. Later in life, I discovered the Return To Robinson Island and once again fell in love with the characters and thought it was genius to create a sequel. WOW!!! And if it couldn’t get any better, but it does, the Hosington Family creates a children’s book “Secret Discovery” that is filled with creative children’s adventures that all children will love and be lost in this discovery that we all enjoy. This is a great one for so many: 1) people who love the Swiss Family Robinson’s, children who love creative and imaginative adventure books, and for families who love to read to their kids. I highly recommend this book. Loved it and can’t wait to read this book to my youngest and for my 8 and 11 year old to read this. Thank you For bringing this back into our lives."
    – Holly Meier


    "TJ and Kyla share an adventure of fantasy, family values, and Christian Faith to tell their continued story of the Robinson Family. There is a suspense and adventure to keep all ages intrigued and a desire to learn where the Robinson and Hoisington Families might meet again. What does life have in store for the next generation? We can't wait for the next sequel!"



    "This book was hard to put down, I enjoyed the friendship between the sisters Zoe and Katie.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the many memories of Swiss Family Robinson from my childhood that were brought back while reading.
    I’m excited to read this with my kids and open their eyes to this wonderful family and their adventures."



    "I have read TJ Hoisington’s books and I love them. He is a fantastic author. Then I saw that he wrote a book with his daughter! I just had to get this book for my daughter and me to read together."

    Quality Author

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