TJ Hoisington Provides 'Custom' Leadership Academy


Listen and Discover

We listen to your goals, desires, and challenges. We assess the organization from top to bottom. As part of our assessment, we interview both key players and non-key players within the organization - and in some cases, we interview current and past customers. Our assessment phase is comprehensive. It is our goal to be as clear as possible relative to the change or improvement you would like to achieve.


Create a Plan

Depending on what is learned through the previous step of "Listen and Discover," we create a strategy and process (with the clients' input) that is sure to achieve positive results. We take into account and design solutions that fit your culture, trends, values, and goals.


Execute Plan

In agreement with the client and with help of the client we begin to methodically execute the designed strategy. Strategies and processes differ between companies as it is our goal to tailor individually. Each company is unique. Each company has different goals. This plan may be as simple as a one hour keynote or four-hour workshop or as comprehensive as a two-year monthly strategic change process.


Deliver Results

 We believe in working from the inside out. “Deliver Results“ means that we have a quipped your team or employees with the resources to be self-sufficient and that you are achieving positive results. We don’t consider our consulting services finished until you begin to get results.


Celebrate Wins

Our goal is that you quickly achieve the desired result and when you do, we will celebrate with you! We believe that celebrating wins is a vital part of the process. It is our goal to celebrate your wins with you as you unleash your greatness within!

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